We Are

Barem was founded in 1982, as the third market research company in Turkey, by Assoc. Prof. Pervin Olgun, with the partnerships of Prof. Dr. Orhan Demirhindi and Günay Efra Kocabaş, both of whom we now respectfully commemorate. Barem’s founding philosophy was based on a scientific approach to research and high quality.

Between 1994-2009, Barem was the Turkey representative of the Research International (RI)  group, one of the then global leaders of ad-hoc research, and its name changed to Barem Research International. During this period, Barem entered the international research market, and reinforced its intellectual capital by combining its local and international expertise.

In 2009, with the global merging of RI and TNS, Barem Research left the group and responded to the invitation of WIN (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research) to become a member of this organisation. Within this network, Barem Research has been sharing its innovative and creative experiences with its big, reputable and experienced partners from 78 countries, without having to compromise its independence. The group comprises local companies that have an extensive know-how of their own countries, and at the same time has a strong worldwide presence. This partnership creates a great advantage, especially for the increase in exportation and new country research.

Barem makes fresh starts, harvesting years of research experience and prized achievements with an ever evolving point of view.

We are a dynamic, creative and young hearted team that is aware of our social responsibilities and claiming our values in line with the principals stated by Pervin Olgun, one of the founders of research industry in Turkey.

Our only constant is change.

We are proud with our achievements as the ‘firsts’ in our industry with our expertise exceeding 35 years.