We have initiated developments with innovative perspective to our existing models in order to create unique solutions to our clients.

Apart form our statistics background from the academy, we have collected all sectoral expertise from each of our projects realised in the last 35 years to build up an unmatched infrastructure.

We have developed our own models, we have adopted WIN’s innovative solutions and created our own ‘benchmark’ databases. With all this accumulation we provide any solution to our client’s business needs.

We provide solutions under 4 main areas:

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Barem Research – Qualitative and Quantitative, Ad-hoc and Continuous, Marketing and Social research

Barem Research Consultancy – Providing support for the needs of our clients in marketing/social research by designing research and evaluating results

Barem Research Technologies – Pioneering in implementation of new technology in research

Barem Analytics – Analyzing and reporting any data whether from research or not